Thursday, June 20, 2013


This year Bailey received a very special award at school.  It was such a special award that they named it the "Bailey Oswald Award"! It will be the highest award that the school gives out for years to come.  It was such an honor to be there and see Bailey's eyes pop out as he humbly walked to the front of the gym to accept it.  It was for citizenship, and leadership, and kindness in every way. 
Gary and I really had no idea, we were just told that Bailey was going to be getting an award.
Bailey has turned out to be such a great example.  He is a helper to all and always trying to make sure everyone is included and taken care of.  He has a funny side to him that I wish would come out more often.  Even though we were hoping that he would be a big basketball star, he tends to love a lot of sports and isn't willing to put all his time into just one sport.  He and Christian have a love/hate relationship which is normal I guess but hopefully they will become best friends as time goes on.  I have written a few letters to his birth mom letting her know of his life events.  I always find a way to thank her for giving him life.  She has been very kind and supportive to us as his parents and always thanks us in return for raising him in a good home.
So, Here's to our Bailey boy!