Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

We were blessed to have Tally and Macey fly to
Austin to be with us for the holidays.
 It was so good to have them here even though we missed
 Coleman & Court.
We had two girls from Gary's institute come and stay for Christmas Eve and Christmas day because they weren't able to go home for the holidays. 
We also had the missionaries
over on Christmas Eve for dinner and to help us with some
 family traditions.
It was nice to have a full house.
  We all really missed being with extended family.
 I realized that I had to cook a whole lot  more. 

A quilt from Urban for Anna.  She was surprised!

We didn't have a baby Jesus or a doll so.........
Tally volunteered.
It was quite the scene watching her get into the basket.

Our annual nativity skit

Christian's new bike helmet from Bailey
and a hammock to put up in the backyard
Grandma Joni always sends the boys books and their
cute animals to go with them.
Sweet Tally

Merry Christmas 

6 Flags.....

We all enjoyed 2 days at Fiesta Texas in
San Antonio.
Both days were beautiful and not very crowded
so we had perfect conditions.
I got sick on most of the rides
but everyone else had a blast.

Our first funnel cake